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What is Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the promotion of your product/service via online such as search platforms and social media. Channels involved with digital marketing include:

  • Websites
  • Search Media
  • Social Media
  • Mobile Apps
  • Email
  • Online TV/Radio

Most times, Digital Marketing is done alongside with Search Engine Optimization(SEO). Search Engine Optimization Improves your website’s listing on search engines i.e. your laundry company comes on Google search for “best Laundry services”.

The need for digital marketing cannot be over emphasized as almost everyone is on the Internet. The world has billions of Internet users using the Internet as a medium for news, music, politics, education, social interactions, etc. With digital marketing, you can get your products/services expressed to the people who need them. At a lesser cost and better value.

Unlike traditional marketing which broadcasts to lots of people, digital marketing can be targeted to people of your service interest.

Why Use Digital Advertising?

  • Digital advertising helps you target your adverts to your preferred audience. For example, educational adverts can be targeted to students, job adverts can be targeted to job seekers and hair-care products can be targeted to women.
  • Online marketing is cheap and very cost-effective. Compared to the cost for TV ads, Radio ads, Billboard ads, online marketing is way cheaper and more effective.
  • Online marketing puts your company on top of search engine results. Very important as many people search online for products/services that they might need.
  • Online advertisement is very flexible.  You can choose your campaign per number of days and your budget.
  • Digital marketing is budget-friendly. You can engage in it based on your budget either high, low or medium.
  • It can be used to establish and build relationships more effectively. Digital advertising works with social media so you can get your fans to actually like your page/products and engage in discussions about it.
  • Digital marketing allows you to be everywhere your clients look. Today, it’s important for you to be where your potential clients are looking. More and more, that means your firm needs a robust and diversified presence online.
  • Enables your business to generate leads online achieve greater profits and achieve faster growth.

Why Advertise Online With Us

  • Result-oriented. We get to understand your needs and we work to achieve that
  • Flexibility. We work with flexible budget, whether large or small to achieve results.
  • Creative Designs. We provide free creative design services for image ads.
  • Over 5 years experience on best strategies for clients
  • Versatility among all advert mediums from online, social media, email and mobile applications
  • We work with re-targeting applications to make sure your visitors are converted to clients.
  • We are Transparent and give reports on customer clicks, conversions and engagements.


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