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Where to Get the Best Web Designers

I have seen requests from potential clients that they want website developers or programmers from a specific location. Some say “I need a website designer in Lagos”, “I need a developer in Abuja” or “I need a web developer in the UK”, “I want a graphic artist in Lekki”, etc. Most of these potential customers make this pre-conditions basically because of location. They want a website designer that is close to them and they can work close-knitted with to achieve their desired project. Some feel that if the location is too far, the designer/developer will probably not take the work seriously and may elope with the already paid funds and that is the end of the project. This happens sometimes. However, this is where potential clients get it wrong. Location of the website designer should not be the major precondition in hiring. This is because you can still get a website designer close to you that will still deliver a shoddy job. The fact actually remains the best place to get a web developer is actually online.  

Why online?

By doing a Google search on available website designers online, you will be able to see their website and as well projects executed by them. The quality of these projects should be a pre-condition as you have to know the competence of the website developer handling your project. Those that appear on the first page of the Google or Bing search results should be most-likely considered because they actually did their homework well and as well as do proper SEO to put their website services on top list.

Checklist for Choosing a Website Developer Online

  • Make sure the website designer has a site online. Never hire a developer without a www online presence. It shows they are serious for business
  • Check out projects they have done in the past and see if any of these can meet up to your expectations
  • Look out for projects they have executed with reputable companies. This will be a good test of their integrity.
  • Make sure they have a physical office. A physical address whether home or office space is important for doing business. Hiring a web developer without an address may me risky.
  • How soon they respond to your enquiries may be a sign of how seriousness they take your project.
So to those looking to hire a website designer near you, go ahead but remember “competency matters most”.   Competent Web Developers That Can Work From Anywhere

One Page Website For My Business?

Rather than having so many pages, people are now considering single-page or landing page website design. A website straight to the point with all the information your audience needs. Many consider it because the cost is quite lower than having a standard website. But the question lies, is it best for you?

What is a One Page Website

A one page website is a website with only one single page. The home page or landing page is the only page on the website. Most people use one-page websites to market single products, showcase their business, collect customer information, etc. So do you think a one page website is best for you? Below are the best scenarios that works well with a one page website
  1. Simplicity

One page websites are simple and straight to the point. So if your content is not that much, a one page website may just do for you.
  1. Engagement

One reason why people consider a one-page website is because it is straight to the point. You can use it to describe your product/services, and then at the end of the page engage your customer to “BUY”. Works perfectly than making your customers click on other menu
  1. Portfolio showcase

One page website works well for portfolio showcase. You could have all your artworks, paintings, architecture, etc, on the landing page. Your customers can seamlessly look through them effectively.
  1. Single Product and Event Websites

If you would like to advertise a single product or one-time event, a  one-page website will be best suitable. At the end of the page, you could engage the viewer to buy, register, etc. This would improve the effectiveness of your cause
  1. Easy Navigation

If you want a website with easy navigation, single page website works well. In fact, there is no reason to navigate much. All you need to do is scroll down. Some one page websites still comes with menus that can link you to a particular part of the page.
  1. Lesser Budget

One page websites are usually less expensive than the standard multiple page websites. A website designer will work less of it and he can deliver within a shorter time   Please note, One page website are not suitable for blogs, e-commerce shops, social media websites, forums, and other web projects that involve multiple pages. As much as you may want to consider a one-page website, it is your duty to ensure that your website project is looking very beautiful and is worth publishing online. Remember, the type of your website will tell a lot about your business and if your customers will freely deal with you. Read more about One Page Websites  Need a professional One Page or Landing Page Website in Nigeria? Contact Us today      

Designing Website By Yourself or Hiring a Website Designer

You are very good with a computing and using easy office applications like MS Word and you know a little of photoshop, coreldraw and design softwares? Why spend much money in paying someone to build your website when you can actually do some few tweaks and design it all by yourself? Good idea right? True. Here we are going to discuss briefly about the pros and cons about this.

Can You Design your website by yourself?

Yes you can. Infact there are some free website builders that guide you how to start your website by yourself. These site builders include:
  • Weebly
  • etc
Some of these softwares are free and come with some premium options like hosting your website with them for a fee. The advantages include:
  • You can choose your template
  • You don't have to pay much. Just upgrade and renew yearly that's all.
  • Its fun following the steps.
But the fact remains that at a point or the other, you may be stuck. Especially if your knowledge of html,php or css is zero. You definitely will be needing to google some howtos, call some professionals to ask some questions and may at the end get a website designer.  

Why You should employ a website developer

Many of our projects are actually from clients who have built their websites on do-it-yourself platforms like WIX, Weebly, etc. Some clients even study html and CSS to be determined in their quest to achieve their aims. But the question is are you ready to learn coding all because of just one website you want? Its in the same vein asking are you ready to learn basic architecture to build your house because you don't want to employ a trained architect? Yes, it will be an added skill to your portfolio but please if you don't plan to learn website development to design websites professionally, quickly hire a website developer.

Benefits of Hiring A Website Developer/Designer

  • Have unlimited options unlike using website builders.
  • Saves you a whole lot of stress and time
  • You can get your issues fixed without having to learn HTML, PHP or CSS
  • You benefit from their experience in getting beautiful looking websites.
  • They can handle other non-website design issues effectively i.e hosting, SEO, responsive websites
  • Gives your website an air of professionalism among other clients
  • Have a professional looking website not something looking amateurish.
  • Saves you having to make mistakes, going back and forth.
  • Saves you the stress of requesting a site redesign.
  • The right images and font combination for a color-friendly website.
Your website describes alot about your company. If it doesn't look good many will pass you for a fraud or an incompetent. For a website project, it is veritable you hire a professional. However, it is your duty, you inform your developer, on your choice of website in terms of template and layout so they do not go amiss. Goodluck with that website project.   Hire Us Today.   

Why You Need A Responsive Website

With the expected rise in the use of mobile devices (phones, tablets), if your website is not designed to adjust to mobile devices, you definitely are not trendy. This is the main reason most website designers opt you for a responsive design.  

What is a ‘responsive’ website?

A responsive website is a single website that adapts to any screen size so it's as easy to use on mobile as it is on tablet and desktop – no pinching or horizontal scrolling required. The design instinctively adapts to the device it is being viewed on so it looks great on a mobile, tablet and desktop. In simple words, a responsible website is device friendly to mobile, desktop and larger screen interfaces. In a nutshell, a responsive website is a website that allows your website to adapt to the size of any screen it is being viewed on. So it could be viewed on say, a desktop, phone, or a tablet etc and users won’t ‘notice any difference’ in your site’s general appearance on their screen.

Why You Should Get A Responsive Website Today

Increased Traffic From Mobile Users More than 60% of internet users access websites from their mobile phones. Thereby, your website being mobile responsive creates the opportunity for easy accessibility from these users. This ensures that people you retain your mobile viewers. And they might also remember to visit your website some other time whenever they are in search of services you offer. Lower Cost And Website Maintenance Another benefit of using a responsive website is: it offers you a lower maintenance cost as compared to running two versions of one website. Before responsive websites, most websites usually had a mobile version and desktop version. Now with responsive design, there is no need for that. Right now, the high cost of creating and maintaining two separate websites is not necessary. Besides, it takes less time to setup. And it’s easier to maintain one responsive website than maintaining two versions of the same site.   Provides a Seamless User Experience Unresponsive websites usually distort the way your website appears on devices like mobile phones, and tablet. It might look ideal on your PC but mobile users will find it stressful scrolling up and down to read easy content on your website. Whereas desktop viewers might have no problem viewing your website, but the same cannot be said for mobile users. Texts might be jumbled, images unaligned and some scripts may malfunction. This adds to the trouble for your clients, visitors or audience to use your site smoothly and seamlessly.   Adapts Easily To Any Screen Size Phones come in varieties of sizes and having a responsive site makes your users irrespective of their device scroll freely. Also with newer devices coming up like watches, gears, and even larger screens, a responsive site moves along with the size of your screen.   A Responsive Website Improves Your SEO Efforts Responsive websites have a greater likelihood of ranking high on search engines. The ‘user focused’ experience, and high-quality content could increase the time viewers spend on your website. Thereby making users stick around for the long run.   Google Compatibility Google recommends a responsive website design pattern. If your website is not too suitable for mobile users, Google will barely give it reference to viewers on phones and tablets. So to be very viable on the google search network, having a responsive design is very compulsory.
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