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Where to Get the Best Web Designers

I have seen requests from potential clients that they want website developers or programmers from a specific location. Some say “I need a website designer in Lagos”, “I need a developer in Abuja” or “I need a web developer in the UK”, “I want a graphic artist in Lekki”, etc. Most of these potential customers make this pre-conditions basically because of location. They want a website designer that is close to them and they can work close-knitted with to achieve their desired project. Some feel that if the location is too far, the designer/developer will probably not take the work seriously and may elope with the already paid funds and that is the end of the project. This happens sometimes. However, this is where potential clients get it wrong. Location of the website designer should not be the major precondition in hiring. This is because you can still get a website designer close to you that will still deliver a shoddy job. The fact actually remains the best place to get a web developer is actually online.  

Why online?

By doing a Google search on available website designers online, you will be able to see their website and as well projects executed by them. The quality of these projects should be a pre-condition as you have to know the competence of the website developer handling your project. Those that appear on the first page of the Google or Bing search results should be most-likely considered because they actually did their homework well and as well as do proper SEO to put their website services on top list.

Checklist for Choosing a Website Developer Online

  • Make sure the website designer has a site online. Never hire a developer without a www online presence. It shows they are serious for business
  • Check out projects they have done in the past and see if any of these can meet up to your expectations
  • Look out for projects they have executed with reputable companies. This will be a good test of their integrity.
  • Make sure they have a physical office. A physical address whether home or office space is important for doing business. Hiring a web developer without an address may me risky.
  • How soon they respond to your enquiries may be a sign of how seriousness they take your project.
So to those looking to hire a website designer near you, go ahead but remember “competency matters most”.   Competent Web Developers That Can Work From Anywhere
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