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One Page Website For My Business?

Rather than having so many pages, people are now considering single-page or landing page website design. A website straight to the point with all the information your audience needs. Many consider it because the cost is quite lower than having a standard website. But the question lies, is it best for you?

What is a One Page Website

A one page website is a website with only one single page. The home page or landing page is the only page on the website. Most people use one-page websites to market single products, showcase their business, collect customer information, etc. So do you think a one page website is best for you? Below are the best scenarios that works well with a one page website
  1. Simplicity

One page websites are simple and straight to the point. So if your content is not that much, a one page website may just do for you.
  1. Engagement

One reason why people consider a one-page website is because it is straight to the point. You can use it to describe your product/services, and then at the end of the page engage your customer to “BUY”. Works perfectly than making your customers click on other menu
  1. Portfolio showcase

One page website works well for portfolio showcase. You could have all your artworks, paintings, architecture, etc, on the landing page. Your customers can seamlessly look through them effectively.
  1. Single Product and Event Websites

If you would like to advertise a single product or one-time event, a  one-page website will be best suitable. At the end of the page, you could engage the viewer to buy, register, etc. This would improve the effectiveness of your cause
  1. Easy Navigation

If you want a website with easy navigation, single page website works well. In fact, there is no reason to navigate much. All you need to do is scroll down. Some one page websites still comes with menus that can link you to a particular part of the page.
  1. Lesser Budget

One page websites are usually less expensive than the standard multiple page websites. A website designer will work less of it and he can deliver within a shorter time   Please note, One page website are not suitable for blogs, e-commerce shops, social media websites, forums, and other web projects that involve multiple pages. As much as you may want to consider a one-page website, it is your duty to ensure that your website project is looking very beautiful and is worth publishing online. Remember, the type of your website will tell a lot about your business and if your customers will freely deal with you. Read more about One Page Websites  Need a professional One Page or Landing Page Website in Nigeria? Contact Us today      
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