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6 Reasons Why Your Website Should Have a Blog

Most websites these days usually have a blog section. To some, it seems quite cumbersome and unnecessary but actually this is very important. Infact, our website just rekindled its services to be blogging about industry related issues because we want you to see us more professionally and take advantage of its benefits. Setting up a blog is not that difficult as managing one. It can take your time and alert some worthy questions within you but please do not take it as a vain exercise; the advantages far surpass the stress involved. Listed are some valuable reasons why your website should have a blog today.  

1. Build Effective customer relationships

A blog is a platform through which you can address your audience directly and more informally than on your main website. This gives your present and potential clients the opportunity to engage with your brand in a more intimate way. With your blog you can talk about interesting but business-related subjects that your audience would like to identify with. Your interested readers can now feel engaged and more endeared with what you have to offer. It can make your clients feel more relaxed as the personal customer experience helps to develop public confidence in your brand.

2. Drives more traffic to your website

When someone looks for information online and lands on a website, they expect to find useful and entertaining content. With your blog, you can provide clever ideas, or products and services descriptions that many users would set aside a moment or two to read. The more visits on interesting content to read on your website drives more traffic to your website. Also, this traffic can hence be converted to leads especially when it is related to a particular product service or even promotion you might be having.

3. Excellent Online marketing tool

Online marketing should be more than you simply telling your customers about your company’s products and services. A blog allows you to go into more detail about individual products, answer trending questions, react to queries and generally offer brand reassurance. If your blog is managed successfully, it can easily become the most popular facet of your website, eagerly to be read by your customers and widening your client base. Perhaps just think of it as your online magazine, interactive customer services and PR all coiled into one. You can also have the opportunity to talk about each of your products individually.

4. It gives you original content to share on social media

As you would like to inform your audience from your own angle, your blog should definitely contain information originally from you. In midst of a lot of copied content with users not even crediting their original source, viewing something originally from you will give your business that repute. Also your clients will be willing to share content from there knowing that it is originally from you. This fosters better social media engagement with likes, shares and commenting that gives you that presence you need.

5. Gives Your Company That Repute

Sharing your valuable business-related knowledge and expertise via your blog will give your customers a high impression of you in their consciousness. A regular and consistently well-written blog will help to position you as a reputable authority in your business sector. Customers, competitors, and employees will all be able to see that the company is a credible source of information that keeps up with the latest industry developments. Your content can eventually be shared in business circles. Also with the way information is being shared on both print and online media, your client base will take you as a more reliable and competent partner to roll along with  

6. Great for Search Engine Optimization

Fact is, most business websites tend to be static – they contain all the usual pages and necessary information, but if they’re updated regularly and there’s a regular in-flow of updated content, your site will get more indexed on search engines and your rankings will definitely rise. Google really likes to see original, good quality and regularly updated content, and this is one of the most effective ways to improve your website’s Google search rankings. Having to blog and have new stories to your site will raise your company’s status in search engines. Doubtful, just try it. Mark your search engine ranking before you start blogging and after your website has an active blog. Please if you need to have your blog for your business, do not use a free domain like or, etc. Have it linked to your website to enjoy the stated benefits.   A competent web developer can configure that for you. Having any problems, you can always contact us via our contact avenues. Get a blog for your business today.
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